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Los ultimos carboneros

Searching for

Stéphane Noël is a contemporary photographer whose works have propelled him to the forefront of the scene of photography.

Stéphane has always needed to discover and understand the others to make sense in his life, to explore the human being and to find answers about himself as well. Photography gives him the entrance to the unknown, like a passport that opens doors.
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Watch a short video that shows his technique:
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Constantly searching for a kind of truth, he spends a long time listening, observing, learning, and feeling. Unconsciously it appears that most of his projects are about the "end" of something: the world, life, professions, ethnicities, relationships, and more. This leads to the question: what is next?
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To be able to express himself until the last step of his approach, he chooses an ancient way of printing known from the middle of the 19th century, called gum bichromate. This multi-layered, traditional, handcrafted technique gives him the possibility to make his own interpretation of each of his prints, which makes each of them unique.
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